Syria’s war: A mother’s plea

According to UNICEF, there were 60 attacks on schools in Syria in 2015, killing a total of 591 children. This year, the United Nations has documented 84 attacks on schoolsacross the country, with at least 69 children losing their lives and many others injured.

Here, Fatima Haji Suleiman, a Syrian mother, reflects on the death of her 13-year-old daughter who was killed during an aerial bombardment on the main Kamal school complex in the northern Syrian village of Haas in late October. 

‘Our small town was attacked by an intense aerial bombardment. My daughter’s school was hit with eight air strikes’ [Courtesy of Idlib Civil Defence Force/Al Jazeera]

Every mother’s dream is to watch her baby grow into a young person who contributes positively to the world. As you watch your baby develop, day-by-day, year-by-year, it gives you immense joy knowing that your dream is slowly becoming a reality.

As mothers, we lose sleep to keep them happy, we work hard to provide for them, we tire ourselves to give them a better life.

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